Turf Fertilization and Pre-Emergent Chemical Application

From: "SV Residents" <no-reply@PROTECTED>
Subject: Turf Fertilization and Pre-Emergent Chemical Application
Date: March 26th 2020

Greetings Symphony Village Residents:

The application of pre-emergent/crabgrass weed treatment and fertilizer to the common and residential turf is tentatively scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 31st.

The application will be completed over a three (3) day period. Application zones outlined in yellow, red and orange on the map below correspond with each of the three (3) days. The application of the treatment will be completed in one (1) zone each day and is tentatively scheduled for the following dates:

DAY ONE (YELLOW): Tuesday, March 31st

DAY TWO (RED): Wednesday, April 1st  

DAY THREE (ORANGE): Thursday, April 2nd  

The dates above are pending weather conditions. Notification will be sent for any scheduling changes.



Areas will be flagged as the pre-emergent/crabgrass weed treatment is applied. The flags will be removed in a timely manner to indicate the areas in which the treatment has fully absorbed.

The first mowing is tentatively scheduled to take place the following week on Wednesday, April 7th.

Please note that Level Green Landscaping will monitor the turf following the application to ensure mowing will not negatively impact the effectiveness of the application.    

Thank you for your attention,

Symphony Village HOA Management

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