Available Mailing Lists

Email Test List

A list to test the new installation of Dada Pro.

SV Prayer Chain

An informal email distribution list for the residents of Symphony Village.

John Schultz

August 31st 2019

From: Eleanor Strietman <estrietman68@PROTECTED> John Schultz has entered in-home Hospice Care. Although he has no pain, he can no longer walk due to complications of metastatic cancer. Please pray that John, Helen, their children and grandchildren will feel the Lord's presence with them always and they will truly know that they are under His protection and covered by His love. Please keep them in your prayers as they go this most difficult - yet most precious - time together. Thank yo ...Continue Reading

SV Residents

This is a List for residents of Symphony Village, Centreville, Maryland, for the promulgation of official items of HOA interests.

November Libretto

November 15th 2019

[IMAGE] Read the November Libretto online by [1]clicking here. Hardcopies for those that need them will be available at the Clubhouse on Wednesday. Jim for P&C [1] https://sv-info.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/r/residents/690962772130/ ...Continue Reading