Available Mailing Lists

Email Test List

A list to test the new installation of Dada Pro.

SV Prayer Chain

An informal email distribution list for the residents of Symphony Village.

Prayer requests

March 31st 2020

I am forwarding these prayer requests that were sent to me by Debi and Bill Wells. Please join with them and me in prayer. Thank you.Please stay safe at home and well...Eleanor * Please pray for all individuals going to work every day manning the cash registers, stocking the shelves, cleaning the facilities, managing the stores, manufacturing our medical, defense and other equipment that are deemed essential. * Pray for those working from home helping to keep our services and ...Continue Reading

SV Residents

This is a List for residents of Symphony Village, Centreville, Maryland, for the promulgation of official items of HOA interests.

First Turf Mowing Update

April 6th 2020

Greetings Symphony Village Residents, The first turf mowing is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 9th, weather permitting, following the completion of the fertilization and pre-emergent application. Level Green Landscaping recommends the mowing be completed after the turf application in order to prevent the spread of weed seeds. The application will still be effective in areas where the turf is longer. This sequence of services will produce optimal results. Please note that Level Gree ...Continue Reading