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From: "SV Residents" <no-reply@PROTECTED>
Subject: Community Information
Date: May 13th 2020

Fellow Symphony Village Residents,

As we know, gatherings at the Clubhouse have always been a staple in Symphony Village. The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to be a struggle as the Clubhouse remains closed in accordance with State and Local guidelines. The limited lifting of restrictions on a governmental level is being monitored closely as it relates to the community. The Symphony Village Clubhouse must adhere to all regulations and requirements, utilize the health guidance provided, and do all we can to help protect Symphony Village residents and staff alike.

As you likely know, General Manager, Rebecca Cook, and Executive Assistant, Kimberly Cox, have been effectively operating remotely. Please be assured that our staff has been fully occupied and doing a commendable job during this shutdown. As stated in previous community eblasts, Maintenance Technician, Nick Oliver, continues to monitor the Clubhouse and spends his days onsite while completing light administrative duties remotely. We have given the community updates on what our staff has been doing during this quarantine period. I would just like to reiterate that they have been doing an outstanding job. They are keeping the HOA operating in a manner that is nothing short of commendable. They are responding to numerous member and committee questions and inquiries daily. They have also been keeping our contractors, suppliers, and providers operating at the proper level.

We need to all work together to help accomplish this in a successful manner and appreciate your cooperation. Additional information as to the next steps for the staff, community, and Clubhouse functions is forthcoming and will depend on guidance from the proper authorities.

The COVID-19 Pandemic presents challenges that could not have been imagined. We will get back to as close to normal as possible, as soon as possible while exercising caution.

Please be cautious, stay safe, and be well.


Bob Nilsson

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