An Important Message From Your Covenants Committee!

From: "SV Residents" <no-reply@PROTECTED>
Subject: An Important Message From Your Covenants Committee!
Date: March 9th 2020

All homeowners are required to wait until the Irrigation Contractor (Montgomery Irrigation) turns on the irrigation system so they may guarantee sprinkler head location before a resident initiates an APPROVED exterior modification that requires a shovel to be put into the ground. If a shovel is required to be put into the ground, in addition to the APPROVED Exterior Modification Form, completion of a Ground Installation Form by MISS Utility and the Irrigation Contractor is required. The Ground Installation Form is online or can be obtained from the HOA Clubhouse Office.


Please be aware! If a resident chooses not to wait for an inspection by the Irrigation Contractor and there is a problem, the financial burden belongs to the resident. This is what the Homeowner’s Association feels is fair for all homeowners.

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