From: "SV Residents" <no-reply@PROTECTED>
Date: July 25th 2019

Greetings Symphony Village Residents,


Bagworms devour and destroy trees and shrubs. Twenty-six (26) locations within the community have been identified with bagworms. It’s important to confront this problem as soon as possible to avoid complete loss of your tree/shrub and prevent bagworms from spreading. 

SUGGESTED ACTION:  Please carefully examine under all branches of your trees and shrubs today or as soon as possible. An infected tree/shrub will not get better without help.  You can tell if your tree/shrub has bagworms by seeing the bags (pictured) hanging from twigs and branches. These camouflage bags, which can be green or brown, contain the larvae.

There are two primary ways to kill the insects. Pick their bags/nests off the tree/shrub or cut their bags/nests in half to kill the larvae. Place all insect bags/nests into a plastic bag and tie it tight to keep them from escaping.

The second alternative is to spray the bags/nests with a strong insecticide. This time of year, however, spraying may only be partially effective.  The insecticide may also harm other beneficial insects, so please ask a local arborist or tree service if you need help.

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